A downloadable mod for Windows

Simple multiplayer mod for Stunts / 4D Sports Driving DOS game. Only works with DOSBox.

For supported versions check out the versions.txt file.

This program requires at least .Net Framework 2.0 to run.


Client (Player)

  1. Start stuntsmp.exe
  2. Browse for DOSBox 0.74-3 executable
  3. Browse for Stunts executable
  4. Optional, if you know another DOSBox version's base address, change the current one
  5. Type in the server's IP address, click on Connect
  6. Both players need to select the same track
  7. Select your car, change the opponent to: Squealin' Bernie Rubber (others might work too)
  8. Set the opponent's car to the other player's
  9. Start the race, move away, then the 2nd player can start the race
  10. If you accidentally collide on the start, you can use the truck start animation to break free with good timing from both players


  1. Start stuntsmp_serv.exe

The server must open port 7777.


CategoryGame mod
Release date 85 days ago
GenreRacing, Simulation
Tags3D, DOS, Driving, Low-poly, MS-DOS, Multiplayer, Retro
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerAd-hoc networked multiplayer

Install instructions

Copy the files to the game's directory, or run it from anywhere.


Stunts MP 1.1 10 kB
Stunts MP 1.0 9 kB

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